sandy cove trail

Back in May the Bearded Dude and I packed the car and took a road trip to Vancouver Island. It seems to be our spring ritual to head to the west coast for a dose of early spring blooms and fragrant ocean air. Also, I was teaching a two day mixed media workshop at the Coast Collective Studio in Colwood. 

 Before we we got to Victoria we spent a few days in the resort municipality of Harrison Hotsprings on the mainland. 


We hiked the Sandy Cove Trail while we were there; a very narrow, eroded path that led through some old growth forest and a very lush fern filled meadow and down to a secluded little public beach. This painting is based off a photo I took of the fern-filled meadow: 


This is one of two paintings I made during the workshop that I taught in Colwood. The first piece sold, and I had forgotten to photograph this piece for my archive and just noticed that today when I was updating my website and Facebook page.

sandy cove trail, harrison hotsprings BC, mixed media on canvas, 16x16(in), $450 + GST,  2017  

sandy cove trail, harrison hotsprings BC, mixed media on canvas, 16x16(in), $450 + GST, 2017 

If you've never been to the town of Harrison Hotsprings, you should check it out. In the off season it's a sleepy little lakeside resort town nestled in a quiet and picturesque valley. The public hotsprings are indoors and you can get a daily rate so you can traipse in and out of the pool as you please. On a recent antiquing adventure in Kitscotty, I came across several old postcards from Harrison Hotsprings. I'm not certain of the era, but I thought the interior shot of the original public pool might make an interesting painting in the very near future. 

You never know where the creative trail might lead...