saving the date(s)

It's spring! Ok, not really...but it's not really winter in Edmonton either. I'm not anxious for spring...but spring like things are coming up. Road race registrations. Artwalk and other outdoor art/music festival registrations. Wedding invites from anthropologists. It's all gaining momentum. So I am acting now! Writing things down, making plans, buying an effort to not take on too much and space due dates fairly evenly so that I don't get stressed and miss everything. I want to do and be a part of EVERYTHING...but alas, I need sleep. Food. Dog snuggles. Quiet time. Sketching time. And when I don't make time for these things to, it contributes to stress. No good.

Today was productive. Here are the little dudes I finished:

(And there are my feet!)

They aren't black and white (for those of you who haven't seen them posted on facebook or twitter...or in the gallery of this site under '2012 works') I'm making myself use up all the birch panels and little 8" x 10" canvases I have before I buy more canvas. Only 3 birch panels and 3 8" x 10" left! So close!

Now for a run and an evening of writing and scheming for more summer adventures in creativity. Oh, and dinner making.

Happy Hump day friends.