screw the 'inside' voice!

I had a very fun day today. I loaded the car with paintings and my dog and went to Camrose to hang a show at the Camrose Public Library. The building is a bit older. The walls are either cinder block or heavy plaster spackle. know, it's a library so there are shelves of books lining the walls and taking up perfectly good space to hang art work. Fortunately I have friends who are librarians....and they are a creative bunch. Oh man, if I wasn't having so much fun traveling and painting and selling work....I would aspire to be a librarian. I kid you not. Those people are CRAZY fun. And odd. Endless sources of librarian friends....what was I on about? Oh right. Libraries and books taking up perfectly good display space for work. So my friend who works at the library says I can hang some of the paintings on the ends of the book shelves. The old book shelves...made of pressed particle board. Oh. Put a nail hole in there? A nail hole in a virgin surface? Hee hee...OK. It took some elbow grease, and made a whole lot of noise...but I got those paintings hung on the shelf ends on the main floor of the Camrose Public Library and didn't experience the "shushing" action from anyone. Not even a little bit. I got to make a racket in a library. My elementary school self would be just tickled if she had known what she would be up to at 30!

Then I came home and finished this:

"northern woods (yellowknife, NWT)"

mixed media on birch panel (diptych)

24" x 30"


I will take a better picture of it for the site when it's daylight out. The self-leveling gel is very glossy and gives off a horrible sheen for taking pictures at night. Anyhow...for blogging purposes, this will do. It's hard to tell from this photo, but there are details of the pine needles on some of the branches and the sky above the trees clearly shows the wood grain of the birch panel. It's definitely cooler to look at in person, but then all art work is.

The show at the Camrose Public Library is on now until about mid-November. I also now having paintings in a shop on Whyte Avenue here in Edmonton called Strange City. If you want addresses of these places, I updated the exhibits tab on the site....and put the address and phone number there. I'm handy like that.

Now for a bath and bed. Next canvas is already planned out, but I think a brain break and a bit of reading in the tub are in order. Five more days and I head back to Toronto for a few days. Eeep!

Happy Tuesday friends!