sea stuff

We went, we explored, we drank copious amounts of local beer, cider and wine, indulged in fresh seafood, had a very blustery morning  beach walk, took a quick detour to New Brunswick to visit a good friend, attempted to see the Hopewell Rocks on the way back to Dartmouth but ran out of daylight, ate octopus for the first time (and fucking  loved   it!), snuggled a baby, ate some huge croissants and drank plenty of road coffees. 

And all I have to show for it are these few sketches and instax photos. 


It wasn't laziness that led to so few drawings and instax photos. Between all the exploring we did and blustery winter weather on the coast, there was not a ton of opportunity to draw things and it was a bit too cold and wet most of the time to safely use my little camera.


It was a lovely trip. We looked at a variety of areas we could potentially live in, chatted with locals and learned a lot. We're very excited at the prospect of making Nova Scotia our home province sometime this year. We aren't sure exactly when, but I'll keep you posted.