The studious little flat has been a bustling place for the past few weeks. My friend Laura took over the downstairs suite, so now we have the entire house and a really great neighbor. Then the Bearded Dude had a friend from school staying with us for a week while she did one of her practicums. For the first time in maybe a month I have the entire house to myself. It's a little exciting and a little lonely. I have 3 dogs for company though. My two and my friend Laura's dog Sadie. This afternoon we were all sunning ourselves in the backyard. Their bellies are just as pale as mine. You would have needed sun glasses to ward off the glare, I assure you. I was listening to my favorite radio show while working in the studio tonight. It's called the Road Home. It's on CKUA, Monday - Thursday at 9 in the evening. There is great music, poetry and life ramblings from listeners and the host. Sometimes the show has a theme. Tonight's theme was planting. Sowing. Getting ready for spring. My sowing season is just about wrapped up, I realized. I'm into my 2nd show of the year, festival fees are paid up. Now it's time to get to work painting and creating so I have something for these shows. The studio is sadly empty at the moment. All the paintings I had are now hanging in Cafe Haven. It makes me wonder for a brief minute what I have been doing with my time. Then I remember.


Last night I painted this outline for a portrait commission of a cafe regular's dog. This is Sweety. I just want to plant a kiss on her head. Man, I love dogs!DSCF4299

I think these two are finished now. I'll sleep on it and have another look tomorrow when I get home from the cafe, but at this very moment, I think they are done.DSCF4300

This one will be called 'comforts of home'. There is nothing better than curling up with your favorite blanket and having a nap or doing a bit of reading after a long day.


I'm not sure what to call this one yet. I just love how her hair and the quilts are blowing violently about, but are remaining firmly attached to the line. I love wind. I love the sound it makes, I love the change it brings in the weather....I love how it swirls around and messes up my hair. I love the smells the wind brings at this time of year. The air is really sweet. Spring is actually here. There will be lilacs soon.....and lilac pilfering (on my part).



I'm leaving the studio in a bit of a mess tonight, but there is no one here to care but me, and tonight I'm OK with a little mess. I'm sleepy from my run and a good dinner and the hour long dog walk that happened right after dinner. It's time for bed and reading.

I'm excited to see what comes of the seeds I planted this spring in terms of shows for next year. Application deadlines have passed. Email notifications have begun.

All that is left to do is wait and weed and paint and post and plan. Happy Spring!