Seeing red

"building abstract #5" (so far) 18" x 24"

Road trip attempt #2 was a success. We made it to the CAA in Calgary, and then to our friend's birthday bash in the mountains. Perfect weather....bone dry roads. What the heck?! There was NO indication there had been a horrid spring blizzard on our way to Calgary....there wasn't even any snow IN Calgary. I'm really glad others can attest to the harrowing conditions on the QE2 on Thursday.....otherwise I would be concerned that the fumes from my painting mediums must be affecting my brain couldn't be the coffee. No, that wouldn't be it!

This is building abstract #5 so far....and it has a ways to go yet. I'm having SO so much fun painting such a saturated red. Oh luscious cadmium red. A friend up in the NWT is painting her kitchen "million dollar red"....I'm tempted to do the same, but I don't think my landlords would like it. Sexy red kitchen, white trim & cupboards....sigh. One day. Right, so the building abstract has a definite wonky perspective and I LOVE it. It's partially the perspective according to the camera, and partially artistic license because it's a building abstract....and because heck, it's fun. There is dry brushing left, there is inking, there is drying time....there is so much more to do. I figured you would be interested in a sneak peak though.

Hope your week started super-fantastic!