Seeing the light

"building abstract #14: out front" mixed media on canvas, 11" x 14" (unfinished)

Today was a very challenging day in the studio. Maybe I set out to do too many things at once, or I had a hard time focusing on the tasks I had set for myself...but it was just one of those days were nothing was awesome. It was all 'meh'. Well, not all of it. I did get about 3/4 of the way through one little painting that I was really excited about...and I looked at it and my heart sank. Nope, not working, not salvageable....definite do over. Then the winter scene for the building abstracts began good...but since it was from a scene out my studio window and not a photograph, the initial light I wanted to capture changed so I began working with the colors for the new lighting instead. The above painting is what I have so far...and I'm pretty happy with it. The day started off quite grey and the sky and the snow were theĀ  same color. There weren't any highlights or shadows anywhere....just the textures of the sides of houses and windows peeking out under snowy rooftops. Then I took a break and went for lunch. Then the light changed. So this (minus the road and a few snowy cars) is what I see from my studio window....well from one side of the window. It's cold out, so the other pane has lovely frost patterns on it, but I can't see out of it. (The joy of old houses and old windows!)

It still needs the ink for the houses and trees, but that is about it.

Newfoundland sketches....I'm trying to think of where we left off. I suppose I should have checked that BEFORE I started writing this and got locked into this screen. Hmmmm.....

Cupids and Conception Harbor!

ink & watercolor on paper in my sketchbook

Yes...this was day two of renting a car so I could tour around Conception Bay South. My intention was to visit Brigus and Cupids mainly, but there were some interesting sights I passed on the way there, that I was able to come back to on the way home. I didn't stay too long in Cupids. I took some pictures on the wharf and a few of a neat old church and this boat. The other little harbors and towns had lots of trees. Cupids did not. It's hills were very rocky or had lots of loose scree, so the buildings were easy to spot. Cupids is very old though. This year it celebrated it's 400th year and it's the oldest official English colony in Canada and the second oldest English colony in North America. There are supposed to be some great hiking trails there...but it was chilly and there were other little places I wanted to see, so I wanted to get going.

ink & watercolor on paper in my sketchbook

Conception Harbor was a cute little harbor nestled in lots of trees...and had this adorable cluster of red sheds next to a red house and right across the road from a couple of abandoned houses. The painting I posted on here earlier; "a sinking feeling" was also taken in Conception Bay. There were a few people working on the boat that day, and I got some funny looks from an older gentleman and his wife as the drove past me in my make shift studio/ rental car painting away out of the cold wind. Kids these days, hey? I wonder what they thought it was I was doing...

It's time to go and walk off this trying day in the studio in the snow with Gershwin and then get something on the oven of the edible and delicious variety. There is also a great lack of tasty beer in the house. I shall have to fix that too. Until next time friends....