A strange and wonderful thing is occurring this year. Today I just agreed to the last of the commissions for this coming September. I'm now booking commissions for October. There aren't any commitments, yet. But there are a few 'maybes' on the horizon. I'm thrilled that people are waiting patiently for me to paint through my current work load to get to their projects. Maybe this won't happen again or maybe this is a new 'thing'....I don't know. I don't care. I'm grateful for it right now, and a bit baffled too. Steady -- but not overwhelming -- artistic work for months to come. Thank you!

In the meantime I'm trying my best to keep track of what date it is today. We had our last curling game before play-offs in 2 weeks. The game was forfeit as the opposing team...well, there was no opposing team. Our reputation must have preceded us and they just didn't bother showing. Or there was some sickness and miscommunication. Either way, the outcome would have been the same. The season is done in 4 weeks. Then it will be spring(ish)!

So tonight is an unexpected 'free' night. Pj's. Wine. Radio. Watching Coltrane slowly rip apart a supposedly indestructible dog toy with as much patience and persistence as my curling team has with me and my 'newness'. There are tiny rubber pieces all over the couch and she looks so satisfied with herself. She's not eating them, just spitting them out. You sure don't need TV when you have a puppy.

But the night is not completely wasted. I added the ink details to this lovely sunrise painting before I went to the curling game we won by default. Now it's sitting in the customary 'I'm-done-but-now-where-do-I-go?' spot reserved for pieces I 'think about'.

And by 'think about' I mean, do I hang onto this one and save displaying it until I have more pieces finished, or do I hang in either the Argyll or Mercer Transcend? Oh, the decisions. It would make more sense to display it at Argyll, considering it's subject matter and title 'epic september sunrise over 62 ave'. I think it's coming to work with me in the AM. I just love 'bring-a-painting-to-work' days.

From my comfy couch and tiny jar of wine to yours; goodnight!