seven hundred and two

I've been keeping a digital archive of everything I've ever painted, whether I have painted over it or not since I began painting in 2000. Today I was cropping new work and getting it ready to post on the website and there it was: 702.

Today I have completed my 702nd acrylic piece. The number is a bit higher than that, actually. It's not including my one-a-day project from 2009 when I first moved to Edmonton. I'm not entirely certain why I created a separate project file in my photo archive for that one. There were 49 pieces in that series so the more accurate tally is really 751 I guess. But still! That's a big number and at the same time, that's all? With all these ideas hovering about.....really?

Numbers 752 & 753 are currently in the works.

Here is #702 according to my archive folder. I just finished her today:

maddie likes lipstick, mixed media on canvas, 12x16(in)

maddie likes lipstick, mixed media on canvas, 12x16(in)

I don't know Maddie, but apparently she got into the lipstick one day. The application was very....enthusiastic, as you can see. I've had the good fortune of painting some really interesting and wonderful moments involving people's children. I wonder after I finish a piece like this if the child will like it when they are an adult, and hang it somewhere in their house if or when it's given to them? Will they remember this moment for themselves, or will it just be one of those amusing stories older relatives like to share with guests or reminisce about while giggling over their teacups, making the older child/adult blush, roll their eyes or laugh along.

How long do the pieces I paint stay with their new owners?

And how many more pieces can I paint in the next 14 years of my career?

I'll keep you posted on that last question as best I can. Happy Sunday.