she came in through the bedroom window

The downside to having a studio in your house is being able to lock yourself out of house AND studio. Thus begins today's silly tall of "FML". I left the house early this morning with the aim of being back around 1ish to meet a gentleman who wanted to come and view the paintings I had hanging in the Jasper Ave Transcend last month. We agreed to meet at my house because that's where the paintings are now. I got up early this morning. I made oatmeal, had tea and grabbed the cafe set of keys along with the car keys. NOT the house keys....which I didn't discover until I pulled up to my house at 12:48pm. (insert gratuitous four letter word here; rhymes with truck)

The bearded dude was not home and him and I had locked ourselves out once before. A few months back, while walking dogs. Actually, the night before I left for New Brunswick. I asked if he had keys before we headed out....and he said he did, and he didn't. But then there was two of us and we were able to get in through the bedroom window. Well, I was. He boosted me up and in....just like this kind gentleman had to today. All he wanted to do was look at some paintings. What he got instead was a memorable painting-buying experience while aiding in a B & E. It's a good thing I don't wear low riding jeans, or he would have gotten more of a view than he bargained for as I went over the sill head first. After that, he even bought a painting. Sigh. Nothing but the utmost in professionalism here in the studious little flat.

I finished this piece the other night and it sold last night. It's heading off to Toronto soon:

magpies in a study

walnut ink, pencil & acrylic on birch panel

12" x 16"

Now I'm working on some lovely little 12" x 12" canvases, four of them to be exact. I have a color palette stuck in my head from my sister-in-laws wedding last week. Grass green, peach, warm grey, mountain blue, storm grey.....I've been mulling them over in my head for days so I'm working on a little series of paintings from the photos I took. There will be umbrellas. There will be ink. So far the green for the base is pretty saturated. It's so fresh looking. I just love it!

Happy Saturday! Hope it's full of silly adventures and new friends.