before i get packing...

Ok. It's 4:26, Monday afternoon. It's the afternoon the day before I leave and I promised my husband that I wouldn't paint all night and not hang out before I leave tomorrow. He gets home around 5. I got 1.5hrs of painting it. Now I find myself on the couch. Currently, my afternoon looks like this:

He's accused me of being an "over-achiever-work-a-holic" when it comes to painting. Well....after 6 years of friendship and a few months of marriage, he does know me I figured today is not a good day to paint to exhaustion. So, the work table is cleared. The paints are in the box and on the shelf. The brushes are clean and drying on the kitchen counter. I didn't even take my shoes off (as you can see!) so that I could make the most of the painting time I had. Paint. Post. Slack. Pack. And go to hot yoga at some point this evening....

I was hoping to have "the dandies" done and hung in the cafe before I left, buuuuuut that didn't happen. Here is how I am leaving it until I get back from New Brunswick:

The moose's blue suit has blue interference paint in it's got that suit-like shimmer. The deer's suit is OBVIOUSLY attempting to give Don Cherry's wardrobe a run for it's money and the goat is, well.....rocking a new green that I haven't painted with, and might end up with some snazzy gold pinstriping. Who knows?

I've got a backyard and some sunbeams calling my name. Packing happens later. Travel sketching and roaming begin tomorrow!

You'll hear from me in a week. Bye friends!