silly titles leading to silly paintings

Judging by where my mind has been wandering lately in the realm of painting...I think the Sugarbowl show in February is going to be very whimsical indeed. So many silly animal paintings with humorous captions have been jotted down in various books of mine as of late. Oh well. Go with the flow, right? Often for the silly animal paintings, the caption comes to me first and THEN I get the idea for the painting. Here are the two titles I came up with today while I was on my way to the Camrose Public Library to pick up my paintings from there: 1. canary in a coal mine

2. polar bear in a snow storm

I'm still snickering about these two ideas. I'll be 31 in a few days. Maturity obviously still doesn't reign in the studious little flat. Or in my creativity.

I'm trying really hard not to post this months new works ANYWHERE! I need paintings for the Sugarbowl show in February. I'm hoping this will lead to a bunch of new works completed due to spending less time switching out pieces and posting them. I'm not sure how successful I will be at this...but it's only a month, right? are two sneak peeks at two pieces I'm working on right now:

(beginning of "the paper sky", #5 in the series with the girl in the hymnal dress)

(beginning of "murderous thoughts", #6 in the same series)

And then today...I came across this lovely post by a very good friend of mine who happens to be a super-fantastic poet as well. Her blog is pretty cute. Take a look!

Alright...back into the studio with me. This couch is quickly becoming WAY to comfy.