Simply titled: the Birthday Blog

"letting go" pen & soft pencil crayon on paper

Today is my 29th birthday, and yes...I'm in the studio. But days like these have not having to work, not having to get up early and let the dog out, having breakfast MADE and BROUGHT to me in my studio. You know, THOSE kinds of perks. Today is also the one year anniversary of my wee twosome (Gershwin & me) becoming a stellar threesome! Now, in addition to a growing collection of art supplies, wheat-free dog cookies and books on art...we also have random antiques, books written in languages that aren't spoken on this hemisphere, a bear skull adorning our mantle, jars full of agates & marbles, and artifacts of other kinds randomly strewn about the windowsills. Oh...and the books! Did I mention the marbles?

The new addition to our family came with many old books...and not enough shelves. We'll have to work on that pretty soon...

Anniversaries come with thoughts about what you were up to this time last year. Well, this time last year, I headed to Calgary for a sketch day, and what I thought was a "friendly" dinner out for my birthday...with a guy I didn't know.


I did however, get some sketching in that day...and today too. It got me thinking about holding onto good things, and in order to do that...being able to let go of other things, so that inspired this drawing in my sketchbook. Her scarf is blowing away...but she's ok with it...she's not reaching for it...she's just watching it go. It's just a scarf, afterall. (I still have my red didn't blow away, and I'm not letting THAT go!) So seems how I'm one year wiser today, I'm thinking about things I should let go, past hurts, frustrations, bad drawings... get the idea.