Small birds....and other things affected by the wind tunnel known as Lethbridge

Today is a very windy day in Lethbridge. The sky is marvelously clear and blue, the temperature is hovering at about +1 or +2 and the wind is very blustery, and it's melting the snow at an alarming rate. You could see the Gershwin's tracks in the back yard when we first got here....but now all the grass is exposed and is still very green and soft. It's so neat how the weather can be so very different in the same province only a few hours away.

"chicks night out" mixed media on canvas (triptych) each panel 6" x 24" SOLD

I finished the chickadee triptych yesterday! It turned out so well and was such a joy to paint! The little chickadees are so plump and all the colors came together so nicely. Once again the inking of the branches took a fair bit of time, but this was due mostly to me starting on the right side as opposed to the left side of the I had to stop and wait for the lines to dry so I wouldn't drag my sleeve through them. I am so looking forward to having a drawing table to work on my mixed media pieces opposed to my flat table to extremely upright easel. My shoulders are saved! Hooray for drawing tables for Christmas! (On the larger pieces, the inking tends to be the most exhausting part because it needs to be on a relatively flat surface or at most, a 45 degree angle so the ink doesn't drool down the painting....unless you WANT that....and so far, I haven't. There is a lot of leaning and hunching over the canvas....thank goodness for yoga!)

I'm working on the last canvas I brought with me....another little bird painting with some lovely patterns in the background. Then I have to wait until I get home to the studio....or break out the watercolors, which still may happen. I brought them too, but have been using my acrylics so much that I haven't made time to use the watercolors.

I hope however you spent your Christmas break, was relaxing and slightly overfed.