Snow Day!

"Snowy church, Northern ON" acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

Today is the day I'm supposed to drive to Red Deer for the opening of "Due South", but I think I may get snowed out of the deal. It is lovely though, all this white fluffy snow. My dog is super excited and keeps looking at me and looking at the door. "Now? Can we go for our walk NOW?"

This painting is inspired by...well, this snow day. It reminded me of driving through Northern Ontario about this time a few years ago. There was so much snow, and so much I wanted to stop and take pictures of. It was so beautiful, but not much left to the shoulders of the road once the plow passed. This church was about an hour and half outside of Kenora ON. The little community it was in had a whole bunch of skidoos parked in front of the town diner...and later on in the drive that day, I passed a sign with info on the arctic watershed. How far North WAS I? Did I take a wrong turn? Was I going to end up in Hudson's Bay? What the heck was I doing out here, just me, my dog and a car full of stuff at the beginning of winter? Winter is my favorite season. It's not too hot, it's pretty and it's quiet. We tend to gripe about it a lot...but I think as Canadians...we just have a soft spot for this time of year. Whether you will admit it out loud, or not!

Happy shoveling!