Snow patrol

"dappled sunlight" acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

There are only 11 days until my very first 29th birthday. I only plan on being 29 once, and if you ask me this time next year how old I am, I will tell you...I won't still be 29. Unless of course you ask me BEFORE January the 18th, and then I will still be 29. Twenty-nine, over 300 paintings under my belt, quite a few local exhibits and counting. I'm excited to see what events transpire in 2010 into interesting things I can put on my artistic resume. Hmmm....

So I seem to be done with the east coast vein for a bit, and the writing vein. Now I'm all for painting the winter scenes on little canvases. I still need to go around my new neighborhood and take pictures here. There is so much snow, and beautiful old's quite pretty.

This painting comes from along the road heading back from Police Outpost park in Southern AB. (I think I have the name right.) I got to go on a patrol with my fiancee's dad, who works for the parks. We went early in the morning, just as the sun was rising on Chief Mountain. It was so beautiful....the scenery reminded me of paintings from A.Y. Jackson of the Charlevoix region in Quebec....all the snow, rolling hills and then houses dotting the landscape. (If you have no idea who I'm talking him. Fabulous painter from the group of 7!) I liked this particular shot because of the tiny bits of sunlight that are able to get through the dense canopies of snow resting on the branches.

Gosh I love winter!