so excited for summer....i wet my plants!

(I did NOT come up with that title on my own. I nabbed it from a friend's facebook status. I hope you don't mind Rachelle!) Last night the bearded dude and I had a garden date. We don't have a REAL garden with veggies and stuff. But there will be chives, and strawberries (from the neighbors) and sweetpeas and sunflowers. You know....hippie-artist-garden type stuff. Oh, and we found 3 gnomes!

The flower bed at the back of the house. Beginnings of the rock garden. Needs some weeding and some fresh dirt and it's good to go!

The bearded dude (aka my husband) planting things. And the corner are the wonderful pink metal flamingos! Yup. All sorts of awesome, right there in the front of the studious little flat.

This evening there was no gardening. There will be tomorrow night. This evening was sunbathing, sprinkler maneuvering (wetting of plants) and painting. I'm having a wonderful time with this huge commission of birch trees. I've only got the base layers done so far. There is still more paper, paint, gel and ink to come. This is how it's looking so far:

That's enough computer for one evening. Time for a walk, more wine and more painting.

Happy Summer (officially)!