some wild thing

I know it's only February but I feel like things are waking up a bit. The days are getting noticeably longer, we're filling in our calendar for the year of where we are going. Time off is being booked, accommodations being researched. Spring is still a few weeks away in these parts, but the hunkering down bit is coming to an end. I'm starting to feel a bit restless and a little overwhelmed at the growing list of to-do's for this year. Typical February.

This morning however, I had a little project for a friend that I was working on that reminded me that this feeling of restlessness creeping in is normal for this time of year. My own inner wild thing is starting to wake up and is itching to get out and explore and see new places.


I love the photo my friend took of her son that this illustration is based off of. She took a series of photos with him as he wandered around dressed like Max, exploring things in the park where they were walking. I was very excited when she asked me to illustrate this for her. What a fantastic thing for him to have when he's older; proof that he was once a small wild thing for those mundane days when he needs reminding. Making this drawing was a good reminder for me too, to nurture my inner wild thing for the coming season of new adventures in travel, art making and teaching. That season begins for us in 21 days, with our trip to Japan.

Until then, it's time to work and behave so I don't get sent to bed without any supper.