sometimes i write poetry

Happy June 1st to you. May sucked for yes, happy June. New beginnings, new place, break out the bicycles, get some farmer's marketing action going on and plan some new adventures... First, the move.

There hasn't been a lot of painting. There has been some....but in lieu of all that has transpired (such a great word!) in the last few weeks...there should be some pretty stellar work coming out soon. There are plans simmering in that curly head of mine. I haven't given up, I'm just frickin' tired. One thing I'm really good at during major life crisis is writing. I have been writing heaps. Normally I just post the poems on my personal facebook page...subjecting all my friends to my varied musings, but now dear justlittle blog reader....YOU get one too.

Lucky, luck you.


the editor

agonizing line by line


and replacing

verbs and adjectives


and singular

stop and start

lurching along the sentence trying to achieve a flow

employing the usage of many large words

without really saying, anything.

a misplaced comma

an ill-timed pause


still going

wait for it


so, what is it you are trying to say?

rearranging other people's words

polishing their ideas



just enough to be involved in the process

but not too


these aren't your ideas

they are other people's findings

not created

or recreated

just edited.

And now for that good night's sleep that has eluded me for the past month. Nothing like the thrill of the chase...