sometimes, you paint a lemon

Don't worry. This is not a post where I pour out my heart to the interwebs bemoaning my insecurities as an artist. Nor is it a ranty post about someone making a negative comment about one of my paintings. Nor is 'lemon' a euphemism for anything. It's a citrus fruit.

This is a post about a painting about lemons. And limes. See?

Have I packed yet? Nope. Laundry is all done. The house is tidy and I have all tomorrow to putter and pack as slow as I want. I also might outline 3 new pieces so I don't forget what I want to paint next when I get back from my trip. I already have vacation brain. This morning I was running errands and made it all the way to the MEC parking lot and realized I left my wallet on my worktable. At home. Sigh. As I back tracked and made some other stops, I just about locked my keys in my car. Twice.

Is it Monday yet? Thank goodness I'm not the one flying the plane. We'd most likely end up in Kansas.

Whose got two thumbs and complete vacation brain?