Spaghetti squash and other treasures

"good day for a coat" mixed media on canvas, 14" x 18" $250

I bought a spaghetti squash at the farmer's market today. It's a lovely color, and I have a few recipes for marvelous soup...but I also heard it's yummy just roasted in the oven with other veggies, so I guess Monday nite we'll give that a try. By we, I mean me...but at the very least Gabriel will help me eat it.

The dude with the gulls is done, and is he ever cool looking. His wool coat is painted with micaceous iron it's kind of grey and slightly sparkly and has the texture of sandpaper, and it still a little transparent. Very suitable texture for a wool coat I think. And plaid gulls because...well...I really DO dig plaid. I have about 6 plaid shirts to my name, and a few woolen caps. And a skipping rope. I do enjoy using my skipping rope.

So's paisley and old bicycles. The paisley pattern I'm painting is a bit time consuming because I'm drawing it by fancy paper to cheat with. I don't have ANY paper with paisley on it. That shall have to be remedied, but for now this will do. It's not a lot of paisley, but just enough to provide an interesting background to my next piece. I have another wonderful picture of the station wagon I painted from "stationary wagon", but this view is from the front. I thought it would be fun to incorporate that with some kind of neat leaf patter in the background...but I will be faithful and stick to bicycles, patterns and textures. Maybe a show of old vehicles would be in order some time...vehicles from "back in the day". Uh oh...another show idea. I'd better write that one down!

Speaking of jump rope, I had better go and use it for a bit seen as how I'm officially registered for the half marathon in Red Deer on May long weekend. It's only -1 out. Great temp for jumping rope! And then paisley and bicycles...oh spring...hurry up so I can break out Karma-the-amazing-cruiser-bike with super wicker basket action and give little car a break. If only I were more hardcore about biking and were brave enough to bike all winter.