Special delivery

"wren are you leaving?" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

Today is the last day of Christmas vacation. Like the end of most holidays, it's a mixture of looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and justifying the last of holiday indulgences. There is one last visit and it involves pizza delivery....from Lethbridge to Maycroft. They are about an hour and ten minutes apart. The pizza will be cold by then, but the oven receiving it will be warm and ready and the mountains will be lovely. Hooray for Maycroft!

I had so much fun painting little canvases on my Christmas holidays. Some friends tease me that I could 'take a breath', but despite how much I paint, it is a way to relax and plus, with so much action going on in the kitchen it was the perfect way to get in a lot of visiting AND indulge in my passion for creating. This is the last canvas I brought with me on holidays. When I was packing I thought I was being a tad ridiculous bringing 6 small canvases with me to work on....and now I'm kind wishing I had brought more, though it would have made sense to bring more had we been staying longer. There isn't anytime to paint at the kitchen table. Maybe when I get home and back to the studio....

Anyhow, here is the last one that I finished and posted in the gallery yesterday. The little bird is a Splendid Blue Fairy-wren and lives in southern parts of Australia. He's just so striking because he's so blue! I put interference blue and violet paint on his feathers so he shimmers. As part of courtship they fan out the light blue patch on their cheeks....little face fans. It's quite cute. Thank goodness for wikipedia and it's random information on things like fantastically colored blue birds.

Right then....now to get onto packing the car and getting the pizza...and taking some lovely pictures of old hotels in small prairie towns on the way to Maycroft.