Second snow day in a row and I'm loving it. The roads aren't great for driving but fortunately I don't have anywhere else I need to be besides home. I get so 'busy' sometimes that I wonder if at the end of my life, I will regret not taking enough 'snow days' for myself. I'm hoping it snows like this until the end of the weekend.

This is a commission of "something shield-y......with a raven in it!" That is the word-for-word request of the woman who I am painting this for. She's lived all over Canada and spent some time living in the North. This is from a photo from my visit to Yellowknife 2 and some years ago. I was standing on Joliffe Island at the highest point, looking down at Slave Lake and the houseboats that anchor near the island. Time seemed slower on my visit there it was thicker. Like molasses.

Being snowed in is forcing me to be a little more still and have a better look around. I'm hoping there is enough light reflecting off the snow this evening for me to get some stellar street shots. A camera, two dogs and some icey sidewalks. This has the potential for not being very still. At. All.