Strings attached

"Oh mitten, where are thou?" acrylic & walnut ink on canvas, 8" x 10" SOLD

Fall and winter are nice, because you get to dress in layers...especially knitted layers. I have a very colorful sweater, scarf, mitten and hat collection. It makes getting ready to go outside more of a pain sometimes, because there is so much woolen wonderfulness to choose from! My favorites of these woolen wonders are my bright red hood/scarf, an orange and purple stripped scarf I got last year for Christmas from my friend Dan, my up-to-elbow fingerless mitt-things, and the two pairs of mittens-on-strings. Yup...mittens-on-strings. They make me laugh, and invoke thoughts of whirling them around on their strings and hitting other kids. (when I WAS a kid...I don't do that, really!) However, you never drop them in the snow when you are out dog walking and have to reach into your pocket for a poop bag, and you never leave them in coffee shops or stores because you left them on the counter. Mittens on strings are wonderful cold weather traveling companions...because you never lose your favorite mitts!

I like this picture, because it's one of my favorite pairs, hanging on a tree in Odell Park in Fredericton. What a beautiful park. It was raining very hard the day we were supposed to go walking there on my last visit. Oh well. It's not like it was my LAST visit. I really want to go running in that park. Next time. I still have those mittens, and I think I will dig them out of the box when I go and take Gershwin for a walk today.