Subject matter

"by the roadside" (not finished) 18" x 24"

I remember a few years back I used to get so stressed when events were too close together. People wanted commissions, and there were shows I wanted to apply to and there was just this overwhelming feeling of there not being enough time to get to it all. I kept thinking; "when I have more time" or "when things get less busy". Those two things NEVER I stopped waiting for them. Instead I plod away, little by little...some days I spend longer in the studio than others and get more done, and some days I spend an hour in the studio and just get to write down thoughts...either way, it's enough. I make time....I get in the creative stuff when I can and try not to worry about the rest. I'm thinking about this as I made the decision this morning to paint something specifically for the upcoming CAA conference in Calgary. (Canadian Archeology Association) They've requested a donation for their raffle, and while I do have some landscapes available, I like to paint new things if possible. I thought I had settled on a piece already done, but then I thought nah, paint something new! It's not an archeology site, or even related to archeology in any way. It is a painting of my dream truck which at the moment is rusting out somewhere along Hwy 2 heading to Lethbridge. I'm pretty sure it was red at some point and I photographed it coming home from one of my visits to Lethbridge. I can totally picture myself and Gershwin puttering around town in this, with the box full of paintings to be delivered somewhere.

Also I'm a fan of this because it reminds me that some things are just ingrained in our nature and can't be changed. Where we are from, for example. I am a prairie girl. I was born and raised here in Alberta. I've been from coast to coast in Canada. I'm a huge fan of BC and it's natural treasures, SK and it's endless skies, MB and it's pockets of really flat and heavily treed, ON and it's vast Northern expanse of not-a-whole-lot, (interspersed with very informative signs about the arctic watershed...which had me very concerned on my trip through there that I had taken a wrong turn and was about to end up in Hudson's Bay!!), QC with it's highway exits on BOTH sides of the frickin' freeway, (thanks again for NOT mentioning that GOOGLE MAPS!!!) and NB with it's great trees, wonderful friends and crazy high tides. I may move from here one day, but I will always be glad to come home and see rolling fields hemmed in by blue mountains capped with a bit of snow. I really can't imagine living anywhere else. This place for sure is ingrained into the fibers that make And it's also my favorite subject to paint.

Can't you tell?

I hope whoever wins this painting in the raffle at the conference feels the same way.