Summer home....and summer not

I never said I was funny. Let us not confuse 'witty' with 'funny' or 'slightly amusing'. Wait...I am slightly amusing, I think. Are you slightly amused at any rate? The painting goes slow, but then it is birthday week and there people to visit and good food to eat. I haven't been home much, to say the least. Time to take the evenings back into the studio. It's crunch time!

The opening reception for my show at the Paint Spot went pretty good this past Thursday. The felt creations of Brenda Philips are very cool and it was the opening for her show that night as well. Worth checking out if you are in the Edmonton area. I didn't know you could do such cool things with felt. Folks who are into textile arts and making clothing absolutely floor me. The work involved and the final product is simply stunning!

"the old Americans" mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" (unfinished version)

Since I haven't had a chance to really work in the studio since my last post, I'm pretty satisfied with what I got done on this painting this evening. My apologies for the unnecessary watermark on the unfinished version. It was an 'oops' but not a big enough of an 'oops' to remedy this evening. I would be very impressed if you recognized this building from this angle. Folks in southern Alberta should....particularly in the Fort McLeod area. It will be recognizable once it's finished since this side of the building has the hotel's name on it. I'm not going to tell you what building it is. Those are your hints. You'll just have to stay tuned for the finished piece! drawing table is in. No more hunching over drawings! Hooray!