Sunbeams in the living room

"the mirror (Point Pleasant Park, Halifax NS) mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" $540

Another week has past and I'm in the middle of my Monday painting is drying, another finished and JUST posted here on the website and on my FB fanpage AND I got to sit for a spell and enjoy the lovely winter sunbeams streaming into the living room while I slowly wend my way through the Harry Potter book series for the first time...oh days off, you are super swell! Those sunbeams are so lovely in fact, that me and my laptop have migrated from the studio to the living room to enjoy them while I write this. (It's so nice to have a laptop who's battery does not die after 10 minutes of working on it while it's unplugged...and I can blog AND load photos AND listen to itunes and my laptop is not having a heart attack with all the multi-tasking. Hooray!)

So....this is another mixed media tree painting. I LOVE this one....I love it so much that I may in fact decide to keep it for myself. Not only does it bring back lovely memories for me of wandering this lovely park in Halifax when I was there fall of '09, I just really love how it turned out. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the reflection part has a nice thick, glossy layer of gel on it, lots of bits of paper from the 'Rod & Gun' magazine that I'm loving ripping to pieces and a little bit of interference blue paint so that when the light shines on it the right way or you angle yourself just off to the side of the painting, you can notice a change in the look of the water. The top layer (that is not part of the reflection) is quite matte in appearance and doesn't have the interesting depth that the water and reflection do. It's much lovelier to see in person (as all artwork tends to be) than with a photo...but you are not here immediately to see it, so this will have to do, won't it?

If you live in Edmonton however you CAN see it in person! It's one of the paintings going into my show "Streets & Avenues" that will be up for the month of January at the Paint Spot.

I said to myself this morning as I was working on the other canvas that is currently drying, that it was the LAST piece I was working on for the January show....but it's not. I made the mistake of going through my photos and getting inspiration to take new photos and I fear there are more things I want to paint for this show. Dear oh dear. Trip to the art store tomorrow I guess. For now I think it's time to get outside into those sunbeams with my dog and my camera and take some wintry shots of my neighborhood....or get out for a much needed run. Enjoying winter sunbeams cannot always be a spectator sport!