sunday before coffee

The bearded dude and I both had the day off today. This is a rare treat as he is in school and when he's not, one of his jobs runs in 24hr shifts for a few days in a he comes and goes with neither one of us knowing when the coming or going will occur. Life with an almost paramedic can be a bit lonely at times. Today it was not, however. I got up early to get in my studio time for the day so we could meander about at our leisure later on. a549_kierasensored

I finished the portrait I was working on of my friend Keira. Yes, her eyes were actually covered like this in the photo. I have no idea why. She's a teenager. We don't ask those types of questions. You know better.


I also got a bit farther along on the portrait of Susan staring down the sun. She has bits of hymnal making up her hair, which is insanely curly.

Then the bearded dude awoke finally at 10:30am and we went for coffee and wandered other places, ate delicious things and came hoome. Thus concluded (besides posting this) studio time for Sunday.

The end.