sunday morning

Comment count: 8040. It's all phishing spam that I need to delete. This has been going on for almost a month if you have left a comment under a blog post or painting and I haven't responded....I'm not being rude. I've given up sifting through all the spam for the time being. It takes a lot of time. I'd rather paint and write. I also have email and a cell phone number. You can get a hold of me on there too. More reliably it seems. Writing on here has been difficult lately. Not that I have nothing to write about....but I seem to get easily



It's that time of the year. Longer nights. More naps. Sharing of cold germs in the house. Yuck.


This morning has been lovely though. It's snowing softly, I'm on cup of tea number two and the gingerbread men on my drawing table are about to meet their demise and I'm working on a painting and a commission. The painting I'm working on is turning out very well. I'm playing with contrast between light and dark and it's going well.

This is from a photo my friend Carolyn took. She lives within walking distance of this lovely church in St. Andrew's Manitoba. This is St. Andrew's church, otherwise known as the Church-on-the-rapids. There are no rapids there anymore because of a damn built some kilometers upstream.

Time to add the next layer.