Sunny with a 90% of bicycles

layer #1 of "all in a row" so far...bits of paper on canvas 14" x 18"

Dear reader,

As I type this right now, I am in my studio at my work table...armed with a rice & bean burrito. Don't be's just a late lunch. I have arrived safely back from the art store with new canvases and new paint colors I have never used before! The new canvases are for some more landscape paintings to put in the Prairie Institute at the U of A, and the new paint colors were just so darned pretty...well, why the heck not? I'm sure I can find a good use for primary cyan and cobalt titanate green or at the very least have fun trying to FIND good uses for those colors. They look luscious enough to eat, but I am not prone to eating my paint, just playing with it. I didn't eat paint chips as a kid either....but I did play with paint and carpet swatches and crayons. But not simultaneously.

Anyhow, onto the third last canvas of "Re:cycled threads". This is how it starts...paper bits on canvas. This would be layer one (with sunbeams, sunbeams not included in final painting). It's going to be another lovely bicycle piece. This plus the super nice weather we are STILL having is making me want to break out my cruiser bike more and more. I have rubber boots, and my cruiser has fenders, front and back. We are all SORTS of ready for puddle jumping with adequate protection...but alas, it's a bit too icy and too snowy to keep Karma-the-amazing-cruiser-bike outside after I muddy her. If this weather keeps up though, it sure won't be much longer. For now I will settle with painting lovely pictures of bicycles. I already have a title for this painting...."all in a row", like from the poem of "Mistress Mary" or whatever the real title is. ("How does your garden grow?") If you know the actual title for that poem, please let me know. I'm curious now.

Bean burrito finished so that would be my cue to get back to the painting. Hope your Wednesday afternoon is sunny and all sorts of marvelous!