Taking the heat...

"building abstract #6" mixed media on canvas, 12" x 24" $360

...and I am not taking it very well. Did I mention my favorite seasons are fall and winter? My dog and I would both like nothing more than a snow bank to lay in right now. Thank goodness for the ceiling fan in the studio and copious amounts of water and fruit!

I FINALLY finished this building abstract. I had the paper gelled onto the canvas about a month ago....so the fact that it sat on my easel is such a state for that long is very odd. I'm really diggin' the white ink and carving into the paint. I love the layers of various buildings in this one. I was standing on Citadel Hill in Halifax looking toward downtown near the harbor....I have no idea what direction that would be. So many wonderful brick buildings both old AND new. I especially love the architectural details the builders put in around the windows and the roof. I want to go back to Halifax and explore more and take more pictures....especially in the old residential neighborhoods. I'll go back. I'm not fussed.

Today I picked up grid wall to hang my paintings on at the Whyte Ave Art Walk....which happens NEXT WEEKEND! My stall is in front of Lululemon...so if you are in Eddy and just happen to be cruising Whyte Ave July 16-18....please come and see me and my works. I'll have some of these paintings there, plus some watercolor postcards and will be working on some new pieces on site too. Me and 200+ of Alberta's visual arts community will be there sunning ourselves and selling brilliant works. Please come! (And bring us cold things to drink!)

Oh, and then there is Alberta Arts Days and cool things happening in Red Deer in September that I get to be part of. For those of you Facebook-ers there is a fanpage called "Alberta Arts Days" and there is a Red Deer page for it too. As events are planned they will be posted on there. I'm getting some new works ready for that in conjunction with the Red Deer Public Library and their "Living Books" presentation. Good and informative times to be had by all!

Now to get going on the first of the NWT paintings. Stay hydrated!