Tales from the Great (not so white) North

"NWT sketch #1" ink on paper in Moleskin sketchbook

And I'm back. Feels like the longest commercial break EVER! There is very little evidence of our trip around the house....save for the sleeping bags that are now airing in the living room due to unpredictable rain showers outside. I've even been to my other job already, but now finally I am in the studio....and what am I working on? A building abstract of Halifax. No, seriously. I just loaded pictures from my NWT trip onto my computer, but I'm using the building abstract as a warm up to all the lovely things about the north that I want to paint.

I didn't get a lot of sketching done on the trip mainly due to the excessive and pestering nature of all the bugs. The weather was pretty decent and the mosquitoes were many. I think I gave a few quarts of blood to them (unwillingly of course....and in return for some stellar welts and much itching). What I DID do was take a LOT of pictures....according to my memory card 437 to be exact and that is not including the ones I took on Gabriel's camera when we came across something cool and I had foolishly left my camera in the vehicle. This is one of the sketches I did on the trip. I did this one very quickly while waiting for friends and breakfast on our first day in Yellowknife. There are more on the way, but I'm undecided as to if I should post them as I paint them.....or paint a whole bunch and post them in all at once. I'm sure my excitement to show them will topple the discipline to post them all at once....knowing me.

Oh well, it was a nice thought though and it sure is nice to be in my studio to process and reflect on a very cool adventure. I'm looking forward to sharing stories and sketches (at least) as they come.....so I'm getting back to it.

Happy Wednesday!