Tapped in

"still standing" ink & acrylic on canvas, 12" x 18" SOLD

Ever have those days when whatever you put your hand to...it just flows and doesn't feel like work? It's like your brain is detached from your body and enjoying a nice cup of tea, while the rest of you is pleasantly occupied doing something. Today in the studio has been such a day. I'm not sure if it was the subject matter, going through my Haida Gwaii photos from my trip, listening to Iron & Wine or still being in my pj's...but there was a really great flow and concentration today.

Being on Haida Gwaii was a lot like that. People just seemed to go about their business and be glad about it. They seemed glad to be there...kind of like their roots stretched down deep, and not just the Haida. People that moved there just for a different pace seemed like that too. Time seems to slow down there, sound gets muffled by the gigantic trees and thick foilage. It's like....constantly being curled up in the most comforting of blankets and being able to take full, deep breaths properly. I'm so looking forward to going back, and I do eventually want to move there. Small town on a rugged island that never gets too hot? Yes please!

This is a pole in someones' yard. The Haida are beginning to commission the artists to carve poles to put back in their villages, not just sell them to the highest bidder somewhere else and completely out of context. It's a very powerful thing to see people take back their culture, to take pride in what they do, and so fully enjoy it. We got to see two new poles being raised when we were there. The artists AND community carved and painted, working diligently on the finishing touches RIGHT up to the transport and raising of the poles. What an amazing thing to witness...everyone coming together to get it done...even kids got to help with the painting. I'm pretty sure some of the paint wasn't even dry when they lifted the first pole and loaded it onto the flat bed. We stayed there long enough that some of locals knew us by name, and gave us extra crab they had caught one morning.

These were all the things I was thinking about while working on this painting this morning. I think that is why it worked out so well.