that about sums it up

Why is it you go on trips or do something really new people, learn new things...have some amazing experiences that you can't wait to share with friends and family when you get home....but when you finally get home, cleaned up, unpacked and get back into whatever swing of life you are in, and you get asked; "Hey, how was your trip?", sometimes all you can do to respond is smile contentedly and reply; "It was a-MAZ-ing!" And why do these things go by so darn fast? Here I am...home again, it's a ridiculous hour in the morning and I'm not entirely sure why I'm up, but I I might as well post sketches on here and on FB and see how the 280 some odd pictures I took look on a decent sized screen. So here I am. Also, I leave for Newfoundland in 7 days.

7. Short. Days.

Here are my sketches from the Robson Valley music festival. GREAT festival. Small. Family oriented. Never the same line-up twice. Great camping. Delicious food. Stellar music and awesome awesome people. Hippie central! But then...isn't that why you go to outdoor music festivals....especially ones hidden in the woods? I mean really.

The pages are all kind of jumbled together. Truth be told...I'm still figuring out this wordpress format with multiple pictures. Anyhow, top left is the back of the front of house or main area where the lighting and sound board is for the mainstage. Top center is the first bonfire on the first night of the festival. (a lot of silly conversation ensued around that fire...but then, I was in a music the woods. Enough said?) Top right is a sketch of one of the food vendor tents. Bottom left is the Duncan Dam lake....the first mountain lake I have ever gone swimming in. I don't think I have ever swam in water so clean. Gershwin loved it too. Duncan Dam is nowhere near Dunster where the music festival was....but it was on the way to the music a very round-a-bout fashion. Then the bottom right is the same bonfire at the festival, but on Saturday night. I loved the contrast of the glowing tarps against the dark summer night sky....but sketching by a fire is tough. Everyone would get so mellow and lost in their own thoughts that the fire would burn supper low and get really dark and hard to see to finish my both the fireside sketches were drawn by the fire, but painted in daylight the following day.

My new watercolors are lovely. Like painting with brightly colored butter. The festival was awesome, as was the tour from southern interior of BC all the way up to Dunster. I'm not tired yet, but I'm going to try and go back to bed...last thing I want to do is fall asleep in my palette in the studio today.