That good ol' hockey game

"hockey sketches 1 & 2" pencil on paper

Yup...this is about hockey.

But not regular hockey. OUTDOOR COMMUNITY hockey. The after-work-or-dinner kind...the kind where you need to wear long johns, and the kind where you wear that really horrible thick knit sweater your mom gave you eons ago that you wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing anywhere else...but heck, it keeps you warm.

Where the puck echoes on the sideboards at the outdoor community rink...and is played under glaring outdoor florescent lights....clouds of warm breath visible in the chilly air.

These are some sketches for a show I want to paint. I want to go these outdoor community rinks, and get some cool pictures and paint them. People lacing up there skates, kids sliding on their bellies into the net right after their goal...a lone player practicing their puck handling. I've been mulling this idea around about as long as the "Canadian Clothesline" show. I'm very excited about this show...because I think outdoor recreational hockey is a marvelous thing! I don't play hockey myself, but I sure do get a kick out of watching people who really enjoy it, play.

There is a row of houses just behind the park at McKenzie Trails in Red Deer....and on the south side of the paved road that takes you into the park is a little pond. For years when I would go walking there in the winter...without fail, a bit of the ice was cleared, and there was a lone hockey net set up. I think I only saw some kids on there once...but the evidence of them having played there was clear. You could see the blade marks on the ice...and for some reason, that was very comforting. I think those kids must have grown up and moved on though...the net hasn't been out the last couple of years.

I hope they still make time for outdoor hockey...wherever they are, and whatever they are doing.