that's a nice package you got there

The double meaning of the title either made you shake your head and wonder what the heck this entry will be on about, or like me, the gutter is not always the first place your mind wanders to. It's shortly after 11pm. I'm being picked up tomorrow and the crack of 5:45am and being whisked off to the airport. CBC radio 2 is keeping me company...otherwise it's just me and my full pack and a house that has the air of someone getting ready to go on a trip to Newfoundland for 10 days. I just wolfed down some lovely peach cobbler (that I didn't make, but was lovingly brought to me) and am sipping on the last dregs of my tea. I think I'm all packed. Clean underpants. Sketchbook(s). Paints. Brushes. Blank postcards. Ipod. Headphones. Some books to read on the plane...and one franken-box.

I am a painter. I like to draw. I am not a pretty shipping box maker. Thank goodness my work is not judged on the ugly boxes I sometimes have to send it out in. But hey, I like to recycle and make stuff...and well, it can't all be pretty. This franken-box is just to get this painting safely stowed on the plane so I can deliver it to it's new owner in St. John's when I get there. Having not fully unpacked my little flat due to a supremely busy summer has it's benefits...a few empty boxes sitting around unawares that they could be cut up at any moment and used to house precious cargo.

Besides, it's what's INSIDE that counts! This is the last post until I get back. The laptop is not tagging along and I don't have the heart to set up my twitter account on my phone, as I already spend an annoyingly significant amount of time on it as it is.

Talk to you when I get back...