The art of getting sidetracked

"Crowsnest Mountain & the Seven Sisters" very nearly done...20" x 20"

Speaking of which...I am currently writing this with dinner just to my left. Yes, I'm having dinner at 10pm in the evening. Why? Because I was training at Transcend until about 8:30 and I've had probably the equivalent of 2 large cups of coffee and about 3 1/2 cappuccinos. Yoga helped a bit but curry is helping more with the winding down. I didn't realize I hadn't blogged all weekend. Goodness! I did post the finished version of "through the trees" under it's REAL title of "letters to Nova Scotia". It's under "2010 works".

Crowsnest Mountain...I'm not really sure why, but this has been a difficult painting. Not in terms of subject matter, but in terms of conflicting style approaches in my head. The trouble with painting these types of landscapes for audiences that may know them way better than I do, and that have a historical background is finding the balance between making them recognizable and still distinctly in my style of painting. Those archeologists (my fiancee in particular) know how these things should look because they have been there and they know a LOT about their history and significance. However, this did receive the thumbs up from one archeologist in it's safe to show it so far...I think. Well it is. Just a bit more work is needed on the foreground and then sign and done. Then the landscapes make their home at the U of A for a little while. Neat.

I was in Red Deer on Saturday, and stopped in at Sunworks to the see the new exhibit at the Harris-Warke Gallery in the back. It's a very cool show called "The Geography of Things". Basically it's a show derived of found objects that the artist found while cleaning out her studio. (Actually she started arranging the objects and getting ideas for this show because she didn't REALLY want to clean out her studio, and because of this, has now been given MORE found objects by friends to create other works!) This was my lesson in getting sidetracked. Shows can come out of it! If you are in the area...I highly recommend taking in that show. I think it's only on until the end of this month, so hopefully you can make it down there by then. Dinner and blog now complete!