The art of spooning

"wooden spoons at the Penny" pen & watercolor on paper

I think I have a problem... is there like, a group meeting I should go to? Hi, my name is Justina (reply: Hi Justina!), and I am addicted to painting and mailing blank postcards. (insert nods of affirmation here)

I am addicted to making postcards!

There, I said it.

I could stop if I wanted to....but I still have blank ones....soooo blank and just waiting to be painted.! I just hope Canada Post takes good care of them until they reach their destinations. Safe travels little postcards...

Spooning. Ever been to Lethbridge? (I don't have A.D.D, bear with me here) If you have, then you may have visited the Penny Coffee House on 5th St. downtown, where all the brewed coffee is made by french press, and all the goods are baked on site....and the daily soup and spicy grilled cheese are well worth waiting in the long line for at lunch! I worked there in the summer and I got to work there a bit over my Christmas holidays. It's one of those places where you can always grab an extra shift if you are in town...and you basically become a lifetime employee. It's like...going home. I'm getting to the spoons.

The spoons are old, wooden, and at no time are used to beat customers. They are used to mark tables so we know where food and drink orders go when people are staying. They live in a teapot on top of the red espresso machine. They help to ensure your spicy grilled cheese doesn't get mooched by someone who choose the veggie sandwich, saw your sandwich go by...and suddenly wanted to switch. So really, at the Penny during the lunch rush, you should be all for spooning!