The bigger picture will not match your sofa

layer #2 of "Dapper Dan & his sweet ride" (not sure if I'm sticking with that title, but more than likely!)

Put something in front of me and I can draw it. If I take my time, and am familiar with an object or a person...I can reasonably draw a likeness from memory. Get me to paint something entirely from my head? Now that takes some concentration. And add-ons. Oh goodness the add-ons...

That being said, I'm having fun painting my show. Three paintings are completed so far...and the fourth one is in between layers. The picture above is layer #2 on this one. It is also NOT the whole painting. It's a little bit of the corner. I have a vague idea of the final will be very surprising nonetheless. I haven't posted the finished works in the gallery yet. I would like to get two more done and then have a few you can take a look at, rather than post them one at a time. Layer #2 is now dry. Hooray!

There are some new paintings at Beck's Designs in Edmonton. That was the other thing I did today besides paint and go to class. Becky has some really great artwork (besides mine!), pottery and lovely flowers. Plus, she is just a great gal to talk to.

Ok, that is it....refilling the tea and then adding layer #3.