The calm before the ensuing shenanigans

It's been a few days since my last post...and it's been a little crazy. Whyte Ave Art Walk came and went. Friday got rained out but Saturday and Sunday were stellar. I got to chat with a lot of great people, make some new friends, show my works and make a few sales....all amidst sunshine and 300+ other talented visual artists. Really, I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend. Thank you to all who came out, said hi, took a business card and have been perusing the works on this site and reading my blog. I'm a bit behind in the blogging but I'll get back into it. There are so many sketches and neat ideas...keep checking back.

So now that the dust has settled from Art's commission time. Currently I'm working on a building abstract of Hong Kong for a friend, and then onto an pen drawing of the interior of the cafe where I work, then onto more jellyfish....with some other works sneaking in there for my show at Cafe Pichilingue in September. The studio will be a very busy place in the next few weeks. After that? I get to take part in my first archeological  dig in southern Alberta. I get to learn how to dig square holes with flat bottoms. I'm not kidding! Me and STRAIGHT lines....we'll see about that.

The watercolors above are ones I painted during Art Walk. They are painted on watercolor postcards. It was too hot out to bring my acrylic paints...paint and brush would have dried to the canvas. Now I must get back to my intense Hong Kong painting....there is a lot going on in it and it makes my head swim a little. Or maybe it's the heat....or the beer.

Shortly after I packed up my booth at Art Walk on Sunday afternoon I headed down to Lethbridge for some family time and R & R...and to hang a few of my paintings at the Penny Cafe. I brought pieces with local subject matter...two building abstracts from down town Lethbridge and a nice little landscape from Waterton. The pieces are for sale, so if you are in the Lethbridge area and happen to be enjoying the goodness served up at the Penny (in ALL it's various edible forms), have a look in person at the pieces. If you aren't sure where the Penny Cafe is, the address and phone number are now posted in the 'exhibits' section of this site.

That is all for now. Happy Thursday.