the chicken in the sink

I went to go and clean my brushes earlier this evening and couldn't because there was a white and blue, plastic wrapped, partially frozen chicken bobbing in the kitchen sink. I don't mind having to clean my brushes in the bathroom sink when the kitchen is being occupied with the makings of a tasty one-pot dinner. The BD makes the best dinners. I'm a lucky girl.

Finally, after days of pacing and thinking and rethinking, and bringing out the canvas and then putting it back in it's corner, and tweeting that I was going to (but not actually doing it, yet), I decided this afternoon after painting my nails a lovely shade of minty-turquoise (that just happened to be a shade lighter than the pants I am wearing, currently) what was going to go on the big canvas in my studio. It took me nearly a week to figure it out. That's a long time for me. I scrolled through the photos on my phone, and again on my computer (same photos, bigger screen.....maybe it'll look different or something new will jump out at me) and settled on the initial idea I had when I bought the canvas in the first place. My thought process was akin to Gershwin turning round and round the bed to get comfy, only to settle in the place he started out at. Even in the same position. And I laugh at him for it. I'm no better.

outline for John's Cove in Yarmouth, NS

outline for John's Cove in Yarmouth, NS

I got the outline painted on before we tucked into the delicious dinner that hampered my brush cleaning earlier. I peeked at it afterward to be sure I made the right decision.

I made the right decision.

Now to go round-and-round-and-round about it in my brain while I finish weeding the front flower bed.