the colors of instagram

I'm not really a gadget person, but sometimes I wish I had an iphone....or one of the smart phones where I could get an instagram account. You can't get instagram on a Blackberry. Fortunately you can view instagram and I love checking out the instagrams of some of the people I follow on twitter. I look at the photos for content and color. Why color? Well, I like some of the filters you can use in instagram. Some of my photography friends use a kind of....uh.....bleached polaroid kind of filter that really highlights greens, yellows and makes things with a red hue very deep and intense. It gives me ideas for paintings and choosing my palette. I'm inspired by the colors that other artists use.....bright reds mixed with turquoise and cool blue....with splashes of pink. Colors I wouldn't think would work....but look amazing together. I'm working on abandoning the color from the photos I paint, and improvising more with my color choice. I know a lot of instagrams are about food, or shoes, or some obscure barn or person I don't know....but next time you check out any instagram....take note of the colors. They are very inspiring. I told myself I was not going to provide any peeks of the little paintings I'm working on for the Nov 29 Christmas Market....but I'm stoked about the colors in this little painting. It's from my most recent trip to Toronto when my Aunt and I took a lovely autumn walk in High Park. Turquoise. Purple shadows. Nickel azo gold for the leaves blanketing the ground and permanent maroon for the thicker foliage in the background. These colors together make me very happy.

My color useage isn't anywhere NEAR as brave as I want it to be yet....but I'm working on it. See? Instagram can be used for something other than food and shoe porn!