The continued evolution of "Fly"

closer to being done acrylic on canvas

People ask me how long it takes to paint a painting. It depends on a lot of things....size, subject matter, what kind of look I'm trying to achieve, other media involved....but something I usually don't factor into my abbreviated explanation is thinking time. The time before and between the actual painting ON the surface....the time spent changing my mind, sketching...turning the painting into something different in my head before it gets put on the canvas. Time I spend frustrated wondering how I'm going to finish some pieces....time just looking at the painting to gauge whether it's really "done" or not. Time I spend trying NOT to think about the I can come back to it with some fresh perspective, if need be.

Some paintings flow out of my head like water...some like syrup...and some are like trying to remove packing tape from a frozen window. THIS painting has been the latter. I had a sketch....the idea is simple and I don't want it to turn out lame, and then just when I get to the point of having in it everything I did in my sketch...I stand back....look at it and sigh. Nope, not done yet.


This painting is STILL not done, but it's getting closer to being done. How do I know? Well one....I don't want to busy it too much, and two; frankly I would like to be done with this idea and move onto something ELSE! Whatever gets added on now will be minor, but major enough for me to consider it a finished work.