the faculty of extension for the perusal of shiny objects

Having a studio in the house is both convenient and at times distracting. It's nice that the studio is right HERE, I can bring my dogs, there is a place to wash my brushes and keep my paintings. I can prepare food here and I don't have to pay extra rent for creative space. But it does lend itself to promoting a bit of cadd like behavior in me. Cadd. All the spelling nazi's palms are now sweating....relax. It should actually be 'C.A.D.D. like' behavior.





Prime example of it today in the studio.

First goal: finish the covered bridge sketch. Done. Posted. Looks great....but then it got me thinking about New Brunswick and how I haven't finished my friend's belated apartment-warming gift. Now there is a 2nd goal: apply the next two layers to that painting. Now....since I'm waiting for THAT to dry now....well, this giraffe has been sitting here for a few days. BLUE! I LOOOOOOVE the mountains in the background of the photo, and I remember ultramarine blue + titanium white makes this lovely, hazy warm bluish color.....and permanent maroon would pink it up a little.

This brings me (us, you being the reader now) to goal #3: knife on mountains to background of giraffe painting and hey....naples yellow + permanent maroon will be great on the get that going.

(Tired yet?)

Now the second New Brunswick painting (remember, I finished the first before any of this. AND posted it.) and the giraffe painting are drying and lunch is just about ready and I'm thinking about sketching this afternoon and painting some postcards and occupying a blanket with a good book in the sun because it's hot EVERYWHERE today, indoors and out. You see, this is why I get so many sketches done on a trip. I have ONE sketchbook. ONE. And all my thoughts and sketches get channeled into that. I'm not a painting machine. I just like to paint things and ride bikes and walk dogs.

Purple? Delicious color. I should eat something.