the first

Actually, it's the 6th of August. I know, don't worry. I still have all my fingers, toes, furry kids, bearded fellow and sanity. I am also 4 paintings into the series about England.

I can't not show at least one of them, and I have a legitimate reason to do so. No, I have a few reasons to do so, and I do what I want. Reason 1) there is an empty feature wall at the cafe. 2) this is the first painting of the series and it turned out really funky. 3) today is a good day to share new work. It's a day that ends in 'y'. My favorite!


bethnal green, london, uk

mixed media on canvas, 30" x 36"


Bethnal Green was a bit of a grittier neighborhood not too far from Brick Lane. Most of the buildings were quite old and in various states of disrepair. There were community parks and playgrounds with no grass, surrounded by high chain link fences. The day my friend and I wandered about, there were not a lot of people out, which was an odd thing for London. Up until then it was rare to walk down a street that didn't have half a dozen people milling about. Maybe it was because we were there on a week day, during the work day. It was an interesting neighborhood....lots of brick buildings, layers of differing architectural styles, graffiti, stillness. I liked this building right away. First I liked it's imposing height, and second, the pattern of the colored bricks; yellow and red. Also the name sticks out for me; Bethnal Green. There wasn't much green to this neighborhood, not in comparison to the grave we walked in shortly after or the other heavily treed neighborhoods we wandered in afterwards. Still, it had it's own charm.

That's it. That's all I got for ya.

For now...