the great 'drink & draw', part one, episode two: the morning after

The hostel I am staying in is downtown, and the room is quite warm, so I have the window open at night to help the air to move. I sleep with the windows open all the time at home, and we live by a busy road, so I am used to traffic noises. But last night was Saturday night and Glasgow was living it up. There was music reverberating  from almost every street, as people in pubs drank, sang and danced their weekly cares away to various bands. Then there was the loud gunfire sound that rang throughout the valley at regular intervals for about an hour, starting at 11pm, and finally ending with loud, very passionate and drunken conversations somewhere in the street below my window until about 4:30 this morning. Then 5am rolled around and you'd think there had been an apocalypse. No one was out. No cars, no parties. No one. It was uncomfortably quiet after trying to sleep during a ruckus evening. 


I got a late start, to catch up on some sleep I had missed, which was just as well because even the sky had a hangover today. It was fluctuating between light drizzling and soaking downpour.


After a lazy morning I headed out into the drizzle for coffee and then made my way to the Glasgow Cathedral. It was quite busy, maybe due to the rain, maybe due to the 18 or so tour busses crowding the street in the area, who knows? I spent a good hour wandering around there, listening to the pipe organist practice and then the choir right after. There was too much to draw in that place so I took a bunch of photos and headed out to the Necropolis, the hilltop graveyard of well-to-do Victorian era Glaswegians. I had intentions to draw up there, but it began raining  again so I finished my loop and made my way to the St. Mungo's Muesum of Religious Life & Art to get out of the rain and decide what to do next. There was a lovely sheltered bit outside in front of the gift shop with a nice view of the Cathedral, so I was able to get a drawing of the exterior of the Cathedral after all! 


That was it today, just two drawings. It's very wet out there right now, so I think I'll treat myself to a cab to get to dinner.


My friend Sam is already at the Open Book in Wigtown. Today was my last full day in Glasgow, and tomorrow I take the train and meet her in Dumfries. She's already making friends at the shop, and she wrote a bit about it.

My solo adventuring ends shortly, and the collaborative shenanigans are soon to begin...