the hands on approach

Every once in a while, someone I've sold a painting to or painted a commission for, sends along a photo of that painting's new home. Seeing my work in the context of someone else's space is really neat. One time someone tagged me in a photo on Instagram to share their excitement at hanging a piece of mine in their living room that they had purchased from one of the galleries I have work in. That was cool and unexpected. Sometimes I get these notifications as emails with photo attachments, as is the case here:

This is Maddie. Or rather, this is Maddie hiding behind the portrait I painted of her first foray into lipstick application.

This is the second piece I've painted (that I know of) that is now housed in the UK. I've painted a few portraits of children now, and it's really neat to see the kid and their portrait in a photo together.

I really, really, love what I do.

Also, only 21 painting days until my adventures in the east coast!

Happy Monday.