the hangover post

I'm hiding from the heat today. Actually....I'll be honest. I'm hiding from the heat AND nursing a bit of a hangover. A late evening with friends on their patio + manhattans + summer heat = a day of reading in the cool bedroom right by the fan and napping at whatever intervals my eyelids become heavy. Besides the headache I awoke with this morning at 6am, I'm feeling pretty great. I can count on one hand how many times I have been in this sorry state and I do intend to keep it to a one-handed count. It was fun none the less. While lazing around, I've been thinking about this painting that I started yesterday (or, drawing rather). It's very different already from how I initially envisioned it, but I like the turn it's taking. I hadn't initially planned on using walnut ink (the dark parts in the shadow of the book shelves in the background) but I like how it stains the birch panel without covering the texture of the wood grain.

Magpies in three piece suits! The writing above them is about overhearing a very animated conversation and other strange habits of the two 'gentleman', like the weird things they eat and the odd hours they keep. It was made up on the spot as most of the writing in my paintings is. There is no clear beginning or end to the little anecdote....and part of it might get covered up by the time the painting is finished, but it's hard to say. I don't plan every detail of a painting. I like to leave room for happy accidents.

It's time for tea, chocolate biscuits and watercolors me thinks. This day feels like a perfect Sunday. It's totally going to mess with the days of the week in my head. Oh well.