The home stretch

"the other side of the fence (Yellowknife, NWT) acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30" $900

I finished it....well, I still have the bottom side of the canvas to complete, but the front is done and here it is! Yup, a large painting of a sunset and float planes. Feels good to be done, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially the colors. It's very difficult to depict dusk scenes. I know what the colors are in normal light, and sometimes it's hard to ignore this when I'm mixing the colors for dusk. Whites take on whatever color of the sky they reflect, depending on their angle. Other colors just get right muddy and you can pick out a few tones and shades, but not much else. I like to get creative and put little bright flashes of things. The trees in the background are a mixture of jenkin green and cobalt blue. Not bland or muddy, but dark enough to provide the appropriate contrast. When painting the water I rediscovered the wonderful mixing capabilities of naples yellow was able to mute the blue, purple, magenta and yellow for the water and reflections and is just a slight hue different from the white I used with the blue for the fence. Now they don't blend into each other, but they still have that bathed-in-early-evening look.

Done and posted before 1pm. Now to get my bike in order and make my way to the Folk Fest. I am SO bringing my sketchbook and sunblock. I'm sad to admit this is the first bike ride of the summer. It's awful, I know.