The last day

It's November 30th already. December is staring at us from a few hours into the future....and my advent calendar full of untouched Lindt chocolate is starting at me from the studio shelf where I house my books...soon, very soon I can open it and begin the OFFICIAL countdown to Christmas. Yes I am just about 30 and yes I purchased Gabriel and myself advent calendars. I never said I was cool, and I didn't want him to cry as I beat him to the daily chocolate since I'm the one out of bed first. I'm nice that way. The studio is a busy place again is my heat register where I place my paintings on the floor so that the ink will dry a little quicker when the furnace turns on. How else could I finish multiple mixed media pieces in a day and get dishes done? I'm not super woman although I do have a fabulous set of tights. They are wool though, not lycra.

(not sure what the title of this is going to be yet...but they are poplars again) mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" unfinished

The "carriage house" did get finished and posted yesterday and I started a little 8"x 8" building abstract as well as a 18" x 24" tree abstract which I posted above. More poplars, more paper and so much inking left to do on this one, but it's going to look fabulous and I can use it for the show, so I don't have to feel bad that it's not a building abstract. Phew. Love getting distracted with random subjects, but not when a show deadline is looming. I've been poking around some of my photos from Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) to get some interesting gnarled west coast trees in the show too...and as I look at the photos I can feel the coolness of being in the trees and the smell of the cedars in the air....only a few more months until we head back to the Queen Charlottes. I digress. Oh right, the other little 8" x 8" canvas I have will probably be a west coast tree abstract, then there is one lonely 20" x 24" canvas and then I will need to go out and get some more. That means I will have to leave the house. Darn.

Spend your last day of November well!